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27 December 2011

Who is Pamela?

Few minutes ago , I saw my classmates  posting the meaning of their names (on FB) from the Urban I got curious so I tried it. I searched for my real name 'Pamela' and here are the results.  ^_^

I really had fun. Well, some are true like - perfectionist and loves clothes and accessories ^_^. There's nothing wrong with trying,  look for the meaning of your name too! Go to

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  1. pamela I GOT 2 WORDS FOR HER... SIMPLY AMAZING .. WE SPEND TIME TOGETHER AND I LEARN A LOT FROM HER ... sad to say we cant be together .. but i was lucky bless and thankful knowing such a great person like her in my life ..i really missed being with you ... being with u is 1 of the most unforgetable moment of my life .. :) take care and godbless ...


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