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29 December 2016


This is my first two-day solo travel yet the last trip for the year of 2016.

My first stop is BRESCIA, ITALY. It's a large province near Lakes Garda and Iseo. When I arrived in Brescia, the first thing I noticed were the refugees around the central station. There were hundreds of them - just like in Milan.

Brescia Subway Station


This time, I wanted to spend some time near a lake - and No, I am not going again in Como. I wanted to go to a place I've never been.. so I decided to visit LECCO. 

It only took less than an hour from Sesto San Giovanni to Lecco and for €4,80 euros

I arrived in Lecco around 11am. I went straight to the city centre where the lake is. See how beautiful the scenery is!

01 October 2016


Hello there lovelies! I'm back to share my second solo travel in Turin or TORINO in Italian.

It's been my dream to set foot in Torino because of the feedback I've heard from people who traveled here; they said ' It's better than Milan'. And so.. I finally had my turn last May 28th!

 From Milano Centrale, I took a train going directly to Torino and get off in Porta Susa, which was a mistake, I should've get off in Porta Nuova so it would be convenient to travel to tourist spots by foot. So to get there, I took a subway (metro) going to Porta Nuova and started my day trip!

The first thing I visited was the 'TOURIST INFOPOINT' located in Porta Nuova station. The infopoint is a place where tourists get information regarding the city. They also give city map and subway map. The infopoint in Porta Nuova station is open everyday from 9AM to 6PM.

City Map of Turin

02 June 2016


So, I just started my solo travel series. I never thought I would be this 'adventurous'. Why? Because I am the kind of person who is afraid of being alone, but now here I am - Going places!

My first stop is: BERGAMO, ITALY

Let's get to know Bergamo City from Trip Advisor.

Bergamo is a northern Italy treasure. Dating from 49 BC, Bergamo has two centers: the Alta (upper) city and the Bassa (lower) city, connected by a funicular and walking trails. For historic sites, go to Alta for the Piazza Vecchia,the Cattedrale di Bergamo e Battistero, and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Baptistry, as well as the quirky mausoleum of Rastelli, the world famous juggler. Bassa is more modern and residential, and boasts Via 20 Settembre - the shopping district.

I wanted to visit Bergamo because of Città Alta which is like a replica of medieval cities. I love the Renaissance period. I am an old soul in a modern word.