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02 June 2016


So, I just started my solo travel series. I never thought I would be this 'adventurous'. Why? Because I am the kind of person who is afraid of being alone, but now here I am - Going places!

My first stop is: BERGAMO, ITALY

Let's get to know Bergamo City from Trip Advisor.

Bergamo is a northern Italy treasure. Dating from 49 BC, Bergamo has two centers: the Alta (upper) city and the Bassa (lower) city, connected by a funicular and walking trails. For historic sites, go to Alta for the Piazza Vecchia,the Cattedrale di Bergamo e Battistero, and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Baptistry, as well as the quirky mausoleum of Rastelli, the world famous juggler. Bassa is more modern and residential, and boasts Via 20 Settembre - the shopping district.

I wanted to visit Bergamo because of Città Alta which is like a replica of medieval cities. I love the Renaissance period. I am an old soul in a modern word.

I live near the Milano Greco Train Station so I chose to go there rather than Centrale Station which is quite far from us.

The biglietto (ticket) is around 6euros. Not so expensive since Bergamo is not far from Milan.

My travel buddy: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

I arrived in Bergamo at around 10AM. Lucky enough, the weather is great!

I started my trip in Città Bassa (lower part  of the city). It was Sunday so the city is FULL of tourist and locals.

City Map of Bergamo 
Piazza Matteotti (Matteotti Square)

You can have a glimpse of Città Alta from here

Mercatino (Flea Market)

After having a good time in Città Bassa, I headed towards Città Alta. I walked the street of Vittorio Emmanuele II until I get there though you can ride a bus or the funicular.

Porta San Giacomo

I enter the 'PORTA SAN GIACOMO' and make my way to the main road.

Starting from the main road, you will be able to get the view of Città Bassa

The center of Città Alta consists of  churches and several museums.

Colleoni Chapel

Piazza Vecchia

The Civic Tower

La Rocca

Inside La Rocca..

After a few hours of walking, running and sight-seeing, I stopped by a local store to taste Bergamo's specialty.

Polenta e Osei

Also, do not forget to stop by at Yoguito. Their carrot cake is superb!

So far, the best carrot cake I've tasted!
City's other treasures.

Galleria dell'Accademia Carrara

I may have seen Bergamo in less than a day but I know it's never enough. I know that this city is hidding numerous gems waiting to be discovered.

One day, we will see each other again.



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