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01 October 2016


Hello there lovelies! I'm back to share my second solo travel in Turin or TORINO in Italian.

It's been my dream to set foot in Torino because of the feedback I've heard from people who traveled here; they said ' It's better than Milan'. And so.. I finally had my turn last May 28th!

 From Milano Centrale, I took a train going directly to Torino and get off in Porta Susa, which was a mistake, I should've get off in Porta Nuova so it would be convenient to travel to tourist spots by foot. So to get there, I took a subway (metro) going to Porta Nuova and started my day trip!

The first thing I visited was the 'TOURIST INFOPOINT' located in Porta Nuova station. The infopoint is a place where tourists get information regarding the city. They also give city map and subway map. The infopoint in Porta Nuova station is open everyday from 9AM to 6PM.

City Map of Turin

From there, I went straight to the city centre. I passed through Via Roma heading to Piazza Castello. 
Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Madama

The large Palazzo Madama is the centerpiece of Piazza Castello, standing alone in its center. At its core is a 13th-century castle built on the remains of the Roman east gate. The castle was enlarged in the 15th century and embellished by Filippo Juvarra in 1718 with the handsome west front - a fine example of Piedmontese Baroque architecture - and the magnificent double staircase. - Planet Ware

Piazza Castello

The famous Piazza Castello is quite huge. It is surrounded by majestic baroque style buildings which are really fascinating.

Piazza San Carlo

From Palazzo Reale, I headed to the Giardini Reale. Unfortunately, some spots in the garden was closed due to renovation.

Giardini Reale

I did not stay in Giardini for a long time. Since I fell like I do not have enought time to roam around the city, I decided to go straight to the huge Mole Antonelliana. The line was long as expected.

Mole Antonelliana
Just north of Via Po rises the huge Mole Antonelliana, begun by Alessandro Antonelli in 1863 as a synagogue, with a 168-meter-tall spire added in 1878-80. Not only is this the most recognizable landmark on Turin's skyline, but the tower offers spectacular 360-degree views across the city to the surrounding hills and the Savoy Alps. The ride to the top in the glass elevator is an experience you won't forget, as it provides a dizzying and dramatic look at the National Museum of Cinema, which occupies the interior of the building. The museum is perhaps best described by its designer, François Confino: "A full-immersion plunge into the world of images in motion and fiction." Even those with little interest in motion pictures will enjoy this museum, but you can also ride the lift to the top for a separate fee from the museum admission. - Planet Ware

Due to the long line, I was not able to climb to the top. Maybe next time. Who knows? :) But I can say that the Mole Antonelliana is indeed beautiful. A sight worth visit. 

I stopped by Piazza Castello to take a quick afternoon break..

Piazza Castello



and to taste the city's specialty - the BICERIN! *nyam nyam*

Bicerin is a traditional hot drink native to Turin, Italy, made of espresso,
drinking chocolate and whole milk served layered in a small rounded glass.

While on my way to my next stop, the Monte dei Cappuccini , I passed by River Po.

River Po

Lungo Po

A view of Monte dei Cappuccini from the Lungo Po Cadorna

Gran Madre di Dio

To get to Monte Dei Cappuccini, you have to climb the road going up there. 

A wonderful view from Monte Dei Cappuccini


I stayed on M.dei Cap. for quite a while since I love the magnificent view its giving me.   After an hour or so, I went down and roam around and found myself in Porta Palatina.

Porta Palatina

Via Garibaldi was the Decimus Maximus, the main street of the Roman city of Augusta Taurinorum. Near the cathedral, you'll see the imposing first-century gate, Porta Palatina, the only remaining of the four entrances to the Roman city. One of the best preserved Roman gates in the world, Porta Palatina's three-story wall is constructed of brick and connects a pair of polygonal brick towers. According to legend, Charlemagne camped below the gate in 773. Beside the cathedral are the remains of a Roman theater, also from the first century AD. Only part of it is visible, the rest of it having been covered over by the royal palace buildings. - Planet Ware

Since I still have few hours more to spend, I kept walking and walking and found these treasures.
San Carlo and Santa Cristina

Palazzo di Città

Busy streets of Torino

Duomo di San Giovanni Battista

So there it is! I will surely return to Torino and visit their museums.

'til then lovelies!


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