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29 December 2016


This time, I wanted to spend some time near a lake - and No, I am not going again in Como. I wanted to go to a place I've never been.. so I decided to visit LECCO. 

It only took less than an hour from Sesto San Giovanni to Lecco and for €4,80 euros

I arrived in Lecco around 11am. I went straight to the city centre where the lake is. See how beautiful the scenery is!

My actual plan is, as I've said before, to spend some time near the lake but out of curiosity I asked a tourist guide (in infopoint) if there's any way I can ride a cable car or funicular going to the mountain. (I expect it already, having a cable car, since a friend told me about it when she went to Como.) And tadah! She gave lots of info and among them is PIANI D'ERNA!

So from the city I took a bus #5 going to Via Prealpi where the cable station is.

Here I am Mother Nature!!!
Reaching 1300m!

I was, literally,  shaking inside the cable car 'cause I am afraid of heights! It just sinked in when I was already inside! :D 

I was stunned when I reached Piani D' Erna. The place is superb! It is the first time I visited a mountain. My eyes cant believe the beauty of mother nature!

I felt like 'HEIDI' for a moment! :D 

And since this is not on my plan, I trekked wearing heels. 

Rocky Road,.Lucky heels!

Do I look afraid? Hope not!
After some time I finally reached a cross (can't remember the name of this peak)

From here, I went back to where the 'funicular' station is and headed to a bar to sip some coffee while feeding my eyes with the oustanding landscape of Piani D'Erna.

I took the funicular going back to the city with a sweet smile and plan of going back again.

I never thought I would love mountains this much! Thank you so much Lecco!!

XOXO, Etsuko

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