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29 December 2016


This is my first two-day solo travel yet the last trip for the year of 2016.

My first stop is BRESCIA, ITALY. It's a large province near Lakes Garda and Iseo. When I arrived in Brescia, the first thing I noticed were the refugees around the central station. There were hundreds of them - just like in Milan.

Brescia Subway Station

The first thing I, also, noticed in Brescia is their modern subways. They are way better than the subways of Milan. I know that the city is quite huge, but it made me wonder why they only have one metro line. If you know the answer, please do not hesitate to tell me :D 

As always, I headed straight to Brescia info point which is few kilometers away from the station. I asked for a map, one ordinary bus/metro ticket and suggestions.

The Capitolium

My first stop was.. The Capitolium, a 2000 year old Roman ruin in the city.  I was lucky enough that  two locals accompanied me because it is within the city centre, within the walls , houses and coffee shops. In short, it's quite hard to find. 

I'm in Greece!


If you love the ancient period, I'm sure you're going to love the Capitolium as well! From the photos above, imagine how beautiful it is when it was first built. 

Inside the Capitalium are more ancient ruins.


Wall Paintings

The admission fee, if I am not mistaken, is ,€10 euros which includes a short introduction about the temple, access to the temple, theatre and underground area.

After visiting the precious ancient ruin, I had a quick break in Piazza della Loggia

Palazzo della Loggia

And wander the city street

The New Cathedral in Piazza Paolo VI formerly known as Piazza del Duomo

Piazza della Vittoria

After some sight seeing, I walked towards Via dei Musei  and found the Brescia Castle, an ancient castle within a city - just like Milan's Castello Sforzesco or Sforza Castle. 


Quick reminder: GOING UP here is quite exhausting . Really.

After my city tour, I took a bus going to Hotel Antica Fonte in Via Fornaci, It is very accessible by car but a bit far from the city centre. However, the room I've prenotated was a single room with private bathroom. I love the fact that I don't need to share a bathroom with anyone plus the relaxed feeling of being alone. 

Feel free to visit their site: Albergo Antica Fonte

So, the first part of my two-day solo travel ends here! For the next post, I will talk about my Cremona Day Trip!

'til then!


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