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12 February 2012

Must read: 5 Simple Steps to Smoother Skin

I saw this article from Female Network. I really love beauty advices and tips. This is soooo true guys! And because it is very informative,I want to share it with you. :)


 Most women know the basic steps of skin care by heart: cleanse, tone, moisturize. But experts believe two more crucial steps should be included in the list. “Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect from the sun—without fail,” says Dr. Maria Theresa Tan Pascual, a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society. Now, the fifth step, protect your skin from the sun, is crucial. Dr. Charissa Salud, a board-certified dermatologist, advises applying a generous dollop of sunscreen to all exposed areas, regardless of whether you're at the beach or not. “Remember your neck, arms, legs, and even the back of the hands. You don’t want these parts to give away your age,” she says, adding that the right amount of sunscreen for the face and neck is about the length of your index finger. Adhere to these five basic steps and see results fast. “Within one week you’ll see improvements,” says Dr. Tan Pascual. Exfoliation will clear up your dead skin cells, moisturizing will lessen dryness, and applying sunblock will diminish redness and prevent the development of brown pigmentations.


 In the tradition of get-rich-quick schemes and diet pills, some skin supplements in the market promise fast results, but experts believe going natural is still best for your skin. “All food supplements cannot promise with certainty that they can clarify skin,” says Dr. Tan Pascual. “Most [proof] comes from testimonials only—from people who used them and [claim to have] noticed a lot of improvement—so be very wary of taking them without your doctor’s approval first. Make sure they don’t have any bad side effects [on] your other organs.” Diet plans aside, Dr. Tan Pascual recommends eating green leafy vegetables, soy milk or nonfat milk, nuts, lean meat, and fruits to help improve one’s skin. Dr. Salud recommends at least five servings of fruit and/or vegetables a day—for your skin as well as for your health in general. A simple rule to follow is to eat a mix of colors. “Ask yourself every day: how much fruits or veggies have I eaten for breakfast, snack, lunch? Will I meet the minimum requirement today? If not, maybe it’s time to reach for a salad for supper,” says Dr. Salud.

     A surprising way to improve your skin is to break into a sweat. “I swear by Bikram yoga,” says Dr. Tan Pascual. Developed by Bikram Choudhury, this type of yoga is done in a heated room and lasts for about an hour and a half. “Not only will it give you a toned body and flush out your toxins with 90 minutes of stretching and relaxation, but it also clears your mind.” She noticed that her skin glows after every session in the sauna-like room. But any form of exercise can do wonders for your skin. “Physical activity brings more blood—ergo, more nutrients—to the skin. But don’t forget to drink lots of water,” says Dr. Salud. Yoga is a good option because it combines exercise and meditation, but whether you choose to attend a dance class or get in a 30-minute jog before work, the point is to get moving.


A moisturizer may be enough for women in their early 20s, but once you hit your late 20s, you may want to start using an eye cream. Because the skin in the eye area is different from the rest of the face, a special formulation is often recommended. “Women starting to have fine lines and a darkening of the periorbital area (the area around the eyes) may need added stuff on top of their moisturizers,” says Dr. Tan Pascual. These added ingredients may come in the form of vitamin C, vitamin A derivatives, soy products, whitening serums, and the like. “It really depends on your desires and age group, on top of your genetic make-up, skin color, tone, and activities.” To determine the best product for you, visit a qualified dermatologist to assess your skin.


 There’s a reason it’s called “beauty sleep.” Adequate rest really is good for your skin. Dr. Salud says the skin is an organ, and like other organs, works better when we get enough sleep. “We repair ourselves when we sleep. The general recommendation is eight hours, but as we get older, our sleep requirement lessens,” she says. “My measure is if you feel refreshed and recharged in the morning, you probably got enough sleep the night before—assuming you’re eating right. More and more studies show that naps are very good for our health too.” You may be able to get some extra work done by eating into your beauty rest, but you’re not doing your skin any favors. Sleep deprivation immediately rears its ugly head, puffing up your eyes, or making them appear sunken, and in turn, making you look haggard, says Dr. Tan Pascual. “Even after one good night’s sleep, one can already notice a big difference in the healthy glow of people,” she says.

*Aricle from Female Network
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