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03 April 2012

Support Human Heart Nature & social entrepreneurs Giveaway

Hello everyone! Join Ruthilicious, Human Heart Nature and yours truly in supporting our country's social entrepreneurs. Human Heart Nature or simply "Human Nature" is a social enterprise brand of natural & organic personal care and makeup products. 100% no harmful chemicals. 100% Philippine-made.Unbelievably   affordable. As a social enterprise, it lives by being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. Last February 25,they launched their flagship store in Quezon City. The store exhibits our favorite natural and organic personal care products from Human Nature as well as other Filipino Social Enterprise goodies. 

Now, Human Nature wants to spread the good products and the good news; so together with Ruthilicious and other social entrepreneurs, they will give away exciting prizes! 

Join the contest and know more about Filipino Social Entrepreneurs by watching the video and clicking the link.

Join Human Nature & Social Entrepreneurs Giveaway click here

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