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05 June 2012

How being an Advertising major helps me blog better

Let's take a break from product reviews and fashion-related posts. This time I'd like to share with you how my experience as an Advertising major helps me blog better.

I believe I am a born writer, but as a blogger? Nah! I love writing as much as I love Spaghetti al Pesto ^_^.
I started writing poems and essays when I was 10. Actually, I wrote 2 - 3 short stories back then. I also joined
several essay and poem writing contests before and I was lucky enough to grab some awards. *yipee!* I may
not see myself writing posts and hosting giveaways,but now,  here I am ..blogging. 

Last April 21, 2012, I have officially graduated college from LPU - Manila with my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication major in Advertising. In my 4 years of studying and understanding my course, I really learned a lot not just from books and from my professors but from the real world as well.  

We handled several events, attended seminars/conferences and joined numerous competitions where we made TV ads, Radio ads, print ads, social networking ads and so much more. 

I've been blogging for about  6 months now and  I'm happy to see improvements on my blog. These improvements were achieved by applying these great lessons I've learned as an Advertising student.


As a blogger, imagine yourself as a businessman and your blog is your product. You want your product to sell and to be known in the market. To achieve this goal, you have to market YOURSELF and your BLOG first. 

*Marketing yourself is the first thing you need to learn. You need to define yourself; why are you blogging? what's your purpose? what's unique about you? You have to let your readers know why should they believe and trust you. 

*Market your blog. No one will buy something that they don't know exists. In order for you to gain readers and followers, you need to promote your blog. Let them know that your blog DO exists!


Social media sites are here, there... everywhere! They have become part of our everyday life. It's like you can't live a day without visiting your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is the reason why companies/brands created accounts on social media sites.

If you are wondering how can you promote your product/blog, well , social media is the answer.  Just put social icons on your blog or on the top of your every blog post. One can easily share them with the public.


In every company, connections are important. If you want to make X Deals, make sure you know someone from that particular company or organization so it would be easy for you to get what you want. Connections also helps in promoting their products/brands. 

As a blogger, joining a blog community is a great idea to share your blog to a wider audience. It also allows your blog to reach out to people with common interest. Go out of your comfort zone and interact with other people. Networking can  increase blog traffics and blog exposure.


Okay. Now you want to host giveaways and you're looking for sponsors. The first thing you need to do is to make a  proposal. Make it as detailed as possible. Don't just ask them if they want to sponsor your giveaway or not.

The goal of your proposal is to answer your prospect sponsor's questions about your giveaway and to persuade them to say "YES".  Include in your proposal the purpose of your giveaway, when will your giveaway starts and ends, how many winners will there be and what the sponsors will get from you. Focus on the benefits your sponsors will receive.

In Advertising industry, Bawal ang paliguy-ligoy. Dapat direct to the point. 


Your relationship with your sponsor(s) does not end once they deliver the prize to the winner of your giveaway. It's just the beginning.  Never forget to send a thank you letter to your oh-so-generous sponsors once the giveaway ends. Inform them of the results of the contest by sending a complete report of your giveaway.You have to make sure that your sponsors are happy and will stay happy. 


Your followers/readers are the fuel of your blog. They are the reason why your blog is still alive. Just like any product who lost its consumer appeal, there's a possibility that the company will discontinue it.

Treat your reader as your friend. The more you engage yourself with them, the better. Help them by providing useful and read-worthy posts. Responding to their comments shows how much you appreciate them.  

There you have it guys! I'm sorry for a lengthy post.  hope it helps. ^_^ If you have any tips you want to share with us, just leave a comment below :)) 


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