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02 June 2012

What I Wore: PFW feat. Avon Fashion Show

Okay, so this was the first time I got an invite for the Philippine Fashion Week.  Actually, I got three invites, the first one is for Mr. Veejay Floresca's Fashion show, the second one is for M Barretto et al Fashion show and last is for Avon Fashion Show. I really had a hard time choosing on which fashion show should I go to. I find it difficult to choose what to wear for the two designers fashion show - I don't want to be underdressed! So I chose to attend Avon's. I got 2 invites for the said fashion show so I brought my sister with me.

Here's what I wore.

(Ahaha! obviously the blazer's sleeves are too long)

On me: White Blazer from Spanner, Black Backless dress from Red Tag, Red Stilettos from Shoe Feet, Hot Pink Envelope Bag from Shy Shop. Make up from E.L.F Cosmetics  and Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick (Hot Pink Shade)


 Accessories: Cute earrings from Divi, My fave multicolored turtle ring from Bazaar and pink studded ring from Mercato (Milan, Italy) , Colored Face with Pearl necklace from Mercato.

Random pics.

Hot Pink Envelope Clutch & PFW Invite

Our invites

Dinner at McDO. 

Me and my pretty sister, Karina

After the event

Picture taken outside our house before we went to SMX.

Inside function room 2 & 3

Karina and her new found fashion icon, Ms. Vern Enciso

Hope I could get more invites next time! ^_^ or if I get luckier, an invite to Milan Fashion Week! Yipee!



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