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12 November 2012

Eye Shadow: Applying and Blending Tips

I've been gone for too long and as a come back post, I'll share with you these awesome makeup tutorial photos I found in Google. I used to see these pictures in Facebook and they never fail to amaze me! As I've told you before, I am not a makeup junkie but I am still curious about it. 

I find it easier to learn how to apply eye shadows using visual images/videos rather than reading HOW-TOs in blogs and books. I know you're excited as much as I am so..... here they are!

 I'm a fan of gold, tan and bronzes - and I really really love this combination! I find it simple yet elegant.

I think every girl should know how to do this kind of makeup - SMOKEY EYES.

I am not a fan of colorful eye shadows but this one is awesome. Blue and Purple - perfect combination!

This can be an everyday makeup. You can wear it all day - in your school, office, hang-outs, etc.

In applying eye shadow, Blending is key so here are some instructions on HOW TO BLEND EYE         

  • 1. Blend eye makeup only after you've applied all the eye shadow shades you want to wear. Apply all three eye shadow colors if you're planning to wear highlighter, midtone and accent colors. For the best effect, the highlighter color should be your lightest eye shadow color.
  • 2. Wait to apply eyeliner and mascara until after your eye shadow is blended; otherwise, you'll end up with a big mess to clean up.
  • 3. Use the brush you used to apply your accent color to blend your eye makeup so that you don't get your darker accent color on the brush you use for your other two lighter eye shadow colors.
  • 4. Buy a tapered blending brush for applying and blending eye makeup if your budget permits. You'll get a much better end result than if you use the small eye shadow brushes that accompany discount store makeup. Better yet, splurge on high-end eye makeup for the best application.
  • 5. Move the makeup brush lightly across eyelids and under the eyebrows to blend eye shadow and remove any excess makeup.
  • The image below shows how to apply eye shadow according to your eye shape.

  • There you go lovelies! I hope you learned something from my come back post. If you do have any tips about makeup, share it by leaving a comment below!

  • Happy Makeup! :)

  • XOXO,
  • PHAM


    1. Hi Pam! I just awarded you the Liebster Blog award. Please do check my question tag for you here : Hi Tin! I nominated you. Please do check my question tag here : Thanks!

    2. I love to make smokey eyes effect too! :)

      The blue and purple are perfect combinations indeed!

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    3. Love your pics!! I am sure you'll be loved by many on world's 1st eyewear styling community ——, could we have the honor to see you there?

    4. me too! I love this kind of combination! very sophisticated :)) i'm your new follower! hope you could check out my blog and perhaps follow too if you'd like. have a great day ahead! :)



    5. How I wish I could achieve this look by myself! Gorgeous!

    6. Thank you so much for the awesome smokey eye tutorials! They are very helpful! Now, I can't wait to rush home and try this with my Urban Decay Naked Palette! By the way, it's still the best eyeshadow palette for me by far!

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    8. Hey I really love the pictures you posted but could you please post the link or try to explain how to achieve the look of the third one? I'm a complete beginner so i have no idea the names of the brushes being used or even the types of shadows and I've tried using just the pictures but it just isn't working. Thanks!

    9. Sorry I mean the fourth look, the gold and black/dark brown look

    10. i love the gold and bronze as well.. anyway im conducting an international giveaway right now.. ill be glad if you join.

    11. Really great tips and the eyeshadow looks great! I especially like the blue look :)

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