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23 November 2011

I am the Fan of the Week!

I am an avid fan of Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass. I love its benefits and I know it will contribute a lot on my diet. I can't remember how I found this product. Since I started drinking Wheatgrass, I also visit their page everyday to know more about the product and their promos.  One night of October 2011 (sorry, can't remember the date), as I browse their Facebook Fan page, I saw this admin's post informing everyone about their ongoing contest. It's the FAN OF THE WEEK contest.The contest is open to all students. To join, all you need is a picture of you holding or drinking Wheatgrass Ready-to-drink and tell them how Wheatgrass helps you as a student. I am so eager to join the contest. The prizes were really great! 1 box of Wheatgrass Honey, 1 box of Bio Soymilk, Notepad, OMG (oh my grass) bag and Wheatgrass shirt.

After reading the mechanics, I immediately called my sister to buy me a can of Wheatgrass RTD in 7/11. I don't have enough money that time so I borrowed from my grandmother. While my sister is on her way to poblacion, I prepare my things and myself for some pictorial ;) I clean my desk, put some books, open my notes and turn the laptop on. I dress up and wear my fave pink ribbon hehehe.  After a while, my sister knock on the door and gave me the can . I sat on the chair facing my laptop while looking at my notes. My sister took the photos and when we're done, I immediately uploaded them on our lappy. Oh! this is the first time I joined an Online contest. hehehe Here is my entry.

Name: Pamela Macalinao
Age: 21
Year: 4th yr. taking up Advertising (Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila)
I love Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Ready-to-Drink 'coz as a student, multitasking is something I do on a daily basis. I have to do this while doing that... and Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Ready-to-Drink gives me the energy I need. It helps me stay focused. Drinking Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass refreshes my body and mind.

After posting my entry I asked some of my friends to like the photo - and they did! Thanks a lot guys! I visit the page almost every minute to check if others posted their photos. The page admin and some good guys posted comments. After several days, the page admin declared the winner... " and the winner is..." tentenen...! ME! ahahahaha! No kidding guys, I won the contest. Here's the proof:

                              Few days after the declaration, I received my prize. Weeee!!! 

     I love them all especially the Wheatgrass Honey! I replace my dinner with it! hmm.. sooo healthy! but unfortunately, I don't have any stocks now, I  uses Bio Soymilk in exchange of Wheatgrass; sadly, I only have few sachets left huhuhhu :'(( wish I could save some penny to buy another box of Wheatgrass Honey. 

Oops! have I told you that the Wheatgrass 'W' RTD shirt is sooo cute?! It's comfortable to wear and I really like its design.  ^_^ Thank you so much Wheatgrass!!!! muah muah tsup tsup!

*I'd like to promote Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass.  So follow my blog and I will discuss its benefits and other stuffs related to it. Here's their FB Fan page: Like and Share!


  1. Just dropping by to check out on you blog and thank god that I did. Cool photos you have and love your blog too. Hope you can visit mine as well. Giveaways will be up soon! Have a great day! xo

    Fashion blogger

  2. Thanks Nikki, sure I'll drop by and check out your blog too. ^_^


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