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04 December 2011

My Skin craves for Skin Cravings!

Last November 23,2011 I received my prize from Skin Cravings. They had this online contest (I forgot the title of the contest) about 'being sexy'. You have to post a sexy picture and state why you want to win Skin Craving products.  At First, I was kinda hesitant to join 'coz I'm not sexy and I dunno which picture should I post. After several minutes, I decided to join. Here is my entry.

Being sexy doesn't mean showing off your body, or wearing sexy clothes. Sexiness is one's condition wherein a woman feels confident about herself. She feels so appealing and She knows that there is something about her that makes her desirable and interesting. A healthy ,glowing skin contribute to a woman's sexiness.. and that is something.. Skin Cravings can give. 

As you can see, my picture doesn't reveal my legs or my waist, but I chose this pic to tell them that sexiness isn't about revealing private body parts, or showing off too much skin ^_^.

I only asked 6 friends to like my pic, I decided not to beg most of  friends to like my entry ahahaha! I'm tired of doing that all the time. I rarely visit the site unlike the first time I joined a contest. I saw entries which had a lot number of likes which made me think of losing the contest. 

November 22,2011 - while I was on my classmate's house. My cousin texted me and told me that a Skin Cravings package was delivered on our house. I was surprised. Honestly, I was speechless! ahaahah! I can't believe I won! ^_^ 

Thank you so much Skin Cravings! Grazie Mille! 

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