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23 December 2011

Dancing Lights

Because it's CHRISTMAS, Ayala gives us something spectacular - The Dancing Lights! I knew about this newest attraction on FACEBOOK. Some of my friends posted their pictures. I saw it and I was  amazed by its beauty. I'm not the kind of person who loves going out, but this time I got curious about it. So Karl and I decided to visit Ayala Triangle and take a peek on this talked-about 'New Christmas spot'.

Seeing it 'for-real' is really wonderful. You'll be amazed on how the lights arranged and designed. Being on the 'spot' makes you feel like you're an ALICE in a wonderland!


Me wearing my lola's vintage top :))

The lights fade on and off while some has its 'falling' effect.

It's not too late to visit this wonderful creation. Bring your family or special someone together with you  (oops! don't forget the camera!) and celebrate Christmas with the DANCING LIGHTS.

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