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27 December 2011

Where the hell is TAG CLOUD?

This morning, I decided to put labels on my blog. I searched for different widgets to put on. I tried several widgets from various sites but all failed. I felt so disappointed. Then I searched for 'Tag cloud generators' and found this site where you can make your own TAG CLOUD or LABELS. For those bloggers searching for  tag clouds widgets or tag cloud maker, this one's for you:

1. You can get your tags automatically from your Website. Write you website URL on the text box above.
2. Edit your tags. Choose what you want to show and what's to hide.
3. Customize your tags. You can choose the colors you want, the font size, width, height and others.
 4. Click generate preview.
5. Copy the code (for HTML) and for Flash tags, you need to download and install something.

                 Very easy isn't it?! Now you can have the Tag Cloud you want! Have fun guys!

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