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12 January 2012

5th Student Advertising Congress

Student Advertising Congress is an annual event presenting advertising majors from various colleges and universities.  This event is organized by the Lyceum of the Philippines' League of young Communication Artists and Journalist (LYCAJ) and Ad students. SAC's mission is to test and show the creative juices of the students through different contests.

"Are you ready to level up to the next Adscape?" is the year's theme. 2012 is near and we are going to escape, from the traditional media used in advertising. We will not only help them future media practitioners to escape from Traditional ways of advertising but together, we will help each other create our new Adscape with the use of the latest innovations for Advertising (from the 5th SAC website)

*We are inviting all tertiary students from mass communication, advertising, fine arts, public relations, marketing,journalism, broadcasting, theater arts and other related courses to join us as we break free from the old and get in with the new.

Arranging the set and the venue with doodles and fun stuff, we will give you an opportunity to explore the “out of the box” pleasure of the 5th Student Advertising Congress without disregarding the fun and excitement of the Advertising world.
The 5th Student Advertising Congress will be on FEBRUARY 8, YEAR 2012 at the One Esplanade. 

This year is packed with three major competitions:
A. The 1st LPU SCAM Awards (Student Creatives Against Mediocrity)
B. ANGAS (Ang Galing Sheeet) - SAC’s New Breed presented by Business Mirror
C. Negros Navigation - Song Writing and Music Video Making Contest

We expect all future practitioners to come as we give the wider reach of involvement.

So, should you be ready for leveling up to the next Adscape? LET'S GO!

For inquiries contact us at 09166195246, 09052130303 or email us at

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* excerpt from the SAC website

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