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01 February 2012

December try-outs update

This is an update from my December try-outs post. Last December, I decided to do a product review of the following: Zizmore Whitening lotion, Glam work's Hair Luxe, Watson's Green Tea & Cucumber Body scrub and Ysa Botanica's  2 in 1 Papaya with  Kojic Acid soap.

1. Zizmore Whitening lotion with sunscreen 
       I still use this product on my feet and other dark part of my body. Somehow it helps lighten my dark spots. Yeah it's okay but honestly, I don't recommend it as a body lotion for those people who do have sensitive skin. like me. 

2. Glam work's Hair Luxe for Damaged Hair

    I use Hair luxe at least twice a week and the results were great. After using this product, my hair feels smooth and manageable. I recommend this product for girls with dry to damaged hair. The Avocado & Jojoba Oil will lessen the dryness and frizziness of your hair. 

3. Watsons' Green Tea & Cucumber Body Scrub

   If you've read my first post about this product, you'll notice that I didn't comment much about it's effect. I love body scrubs. I used this product twice a week as recommended by the dermatologists for those who have sensitive skin. After using it, I noticed that my skin feels smoother and lighter. It also lessen the appearance of dead skin cells. 

 4. Ysa Botanica's 2 in 1 Papaya with Kojic Acid Soap

 I have a problem with whitening soaps and lotions. Blisters occur whenever I use whitening products, so I decided to use it twice to thrice a week. I prefer using this soap every night. After using it for more than 12th time, I notice that my skin is much lighter than before. I will buy another one and will continue using it - but not everyday. 

There's a lot of product's to choose from, but first, you need to identify you skin type. Is your skin dry? oily? or combination? This is very important before you try a product to avoid any harm. 

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