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01 February 2012

How to wear a simple white tee?

Hello everyone! Last week, I had a hard time wearing my white tee 'coz I don't have enough accessories to choose from. So I decided to wear a zebra print earrings. It's pretty cool! I also pair my white tee with a black sleeveless cardigan and jeans - It looks exactly like the example image below.

Here's how the earrings look like.

Maybe some of you have been in this situation before or experiencing it now. So let me lend you a helping are some tips I grabbed form various sites I visited. 

1. Layer it! - Try to wear it underneath a colored top.

2. High Waist It - All you have to do with this look is simply tuck your plain white tee into a high skirt or short. The plain white tee has a great draping effect. It can look like you didn’t try hard and you threw it on mindlessly, or it can look crisp and fresh.

3. Wear a Vest - Vests are always a great way to layer your plain white tee and can be a great going out look. Look for great vests in the sale section of Urban Outfitters and even the Salvation Army.

4. Belt It - Buy a white tee shirt that is a little bit bigger than you’re used to, and wear a skinny belt that you can find at any clothing store (I personally like the J. Crew skinny belts). This look makes it seem like you’re not trying too hard.

5. Wear it With Suspenders - All you have to do with this look is find a cute pair of suspenders, tuck your plain white tee in, and you’ll look fabulous enough to go out to lunch with the girls in a look borrowed from the boys.

6.  Layer it Under the Oversized Cardigan or Blazer - For this look, all you need is an oversized cardigan and your plain white tee. You can wear it to class with skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats, or you can wear it casual with leggings and a heavy pair of boots.

7. Pair it With a Scarf - This look is meant to be relaxed enough to wear to class or to go out on a first date. Just wear the plain white tee with an over-the-top bright scarf. The plain white tee allows the scarf to have the spotlight.

8. Accompany Your Tee With Leggings - This look only works with an oversized Hanes tee shirt, because we all know that it’s not in style or attractive to have your booty hanging out of your leggings (HC Contributing Writer Scott Rosenfeld agrees in is his article “Her Gay Best Friend: Fashion Mistakes You May Not Realize You’re Making”). It’s a comfy look that you can wear with boots, flats, or flip-flops when it gets warm.

9.  Play with pleatsYou're about to meet your sweetie's parents for the first time. What to wear? Not something too sexy, or too uncomfortable, or too stuffy. And it should definitely show off your personality. Hmm. 

Before you tear through your closet like a mad woman, we have a suggestion. Pair a fitted white tee with a knee-length pleated skirt. And to keep it from being too boring/office-y, skip the classic black pleats and opt for a bold color. How's that for a polished T-shirt look with a meet the parents stamp of approval?

10. Go longFollowing in the fashion footsteps of Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Bosworth, we decided to try the T-shirt/long skirt combo. While those girls chose a really fancy ballgown bottom, we went for the less expensive option: a cotton floor-length tube skirt. Our thoughts? Double awesome. 

Since the skirt is cotton just like the shirt, Sharon wore flats to keep the look casual. As for where she would wear it? "This outfit is perfect for a lazy Saturday brunch with the girls."

11. Wear a necklace - Brightly colored necklaces with funky geometric shapes add a touch of girly flair. You can also try the black-and-white look with black jewelry.

Additional tips:

  • You can also try pairing it with a colored jeans. 
  • Don't be afraid to pair it with prints such as floral, animal and aztec.
  • ACCESSORIZE! and have fun :))

There you are guys! Plain white tee is one of wardrobe basic. Go out and enjoy accessorizing!

*Tips and images from Hercampus , BeautyRiot , Wikihow and Google.

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