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18 January 2012

Fashion Inspiration

  You stand in front of the mirror.. look at yourself and you feel that there's something missing or sometimes, you feel like your outfit looks boring.  Guess what., you're not alone because sometimes I feel the same way. So I decided to grab some photos from various fashion magazines and websites/web blogs to give us some inspiration .  Check it out!

This one's simple yet chic. 
I love the layering and the checkered button-down shirt  under a black leather jacket.

What i love about this outfit is the 'boy-meets-girl-style'.
The bow necktie gave the outfit an edgy and manly look.

Be experimental with color blocking. 

Try to wear oversize trousers or pants to change your look a 'lil bit.

or go for colored pants.

Play with pattern and textures 

Tuck - in a button-down shirt over a shorts or pants.  

        If you are having a hard time mix and matching your clothes, it's okay to grab a photo of your fave celeb or of anyone and use it as an inspiration but it is much better if you know  what your personal style is. Don't be afraid to experiment with clothes and accessories;and the most important is to wear your outfit with CONFIDENCE and if you do, I bet, it will look good on you! 

*images from ELLE

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