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09 April 2012

5 PM Routine

Few days left before my graduation and I really really need to get fit or should I say, slim? haha. Well, I'm not as fat as before, I just need to keep this figure. Back to my good old days, I belong to those people they called 'mataba' . It's really frustrating. You want to wear something but you can' t because it doesn't fit you; and if you insist , you will look like Suman . The worst thing about I-want-to-get-fit is that, I am not a gym lover or exercise lover. I am so stubborn and I hate exercising. I tried a lot of diets - from what they called After 6 to Water diet. Yes, I saw some good results but I guess they aren't enough. I still have these BIG ARMS and BIG LEGS plus a getting-bigger belly haha.

As I was saying, I only have less than 2 weeks to get fit. Yup! 2 weeks. Well, I guess I need a miracle! But unfortunately, like what Nora Aunor said "walang himala". I have to do something. I need to exercise. It feels like it's ALL OR NOTHING. So a week ago, I started this mixed aero-kickbox exercise.  I can't afford to enroll on a gym or aerobics class , I find them expensive. There are free aerobic classes nearby but most members are senior citizens. Ahem, I'm still young, haha. So there, I searched some aerobic and kickboxing exercises on Youtube. I'm glad I found great videos and I wanna share it with you guys.

My first video is for the warming up. warm-up is usually performed before participating in technical sports or exercising. A warm-up generally consists of a gradual increase in intensity in physical activity (pulse raiser), a joint mobility exercise, stretching and a sport related activity.

A warm-up will improve the effectiveness of training and should be done before every training session. This is fundamental to a safe practice.

The second video is a Cardio Fat Blast Workout with Denise Austin.  It is a great way to boost metabolism and burn mega fat through aerobic exercises that will kick start your weight loss in just 12 minutes.

next is a  20-minute dance workout. It is sure to burn calories as you twist and shake your body slim. And if you don't know how to dance, here , you will learn how. haha.

Burn fat and lose weight with my fourth video - a 12 minute cardio kickboxing workout. This exercise video will tone your butt, legs and abs while burning mega calories!  P.S prepare yourself for a mega lower-body pain. ahaha! I assure you that!

Last but not the least, a cooling down video. Cooling down, also called warming down, is the term used to describe an easy exercise that will allow the body to gradually transition from an exertional state to a resting or near-resting state. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk, or with lower intensities, stretching can be used. Cooling down allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate. Contrary to popular belief, cool down does not reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness and muscle soreness is not caused by lactate production during intense exercise.

Cool downs should involve a gradual yet continuous decrease in exercise intensity (i.e. from a hard run to an easy jog to a brisk walk), stretching, and rehydration. Durations can vary for different people, but 5–10 minutes is considered adequate.

There you are guys! You can download these videos if you want or you can also grab some from YouTube, it depends on what you want. 

I titled this post '5 PM Routine' because it's my daily work out schedule. I am more comfortable working out on afternoon rather than morning. But it doesn't mean you have to do the same. You can exercise anytime of the day, it depends on you. All you need to have is the following:

  • Inspiration - inspiration is what keeps you going. It can be your BF, your family or as a preparation for an event.
  • Determination -  if you are determined to loss weight, you will do everything to achieve it. Remember,  the most important thing when it comes to diet and exercise is never giving up. 
  • Patience -  If you’re planning to diet and exercise, you must be patient and understand that your weight loss goals can’t be achieved in just a week, give or take a day or two. 
  • Discipline - One of the hardest thing to do is ' control'. You must avoid over-eating, you must not do this, you must do that so on and so forth. You need to remind yourself the things that you must avoid and things that you must do. If you decided to do it everyday, then do it. Don't CHEAT!
  • Optimism - Ugh! Just because you didn't see any result a week after you exercise, you will stop working out. You have to think positive. Always remember that winners never quit and quitters never win.

So if you are planning to work out, start now not tomorrow, next month or next year. Good luck guys and enjoy working out!


*Sources: Wikipedia & Diet1200

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