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08 April 2012

We Blog: Share & Support Campaign

I got this idea from KIKAYSIMARIA's blog. I noticed that there are lot of amateur bloggers (like me) who wants to be followed and asking for support, so I created "We Blog" for all the bloggers out there most especially newbies like me. My goal here is not just to be followed, but to support other bloggers as well.

 SHARE - If you are a blogger, kindly post the name of your blog, your blog url and other accounts on the comment box. Pls Indicate what your blog is all about ex. fashion & beauty, games, lifestyle , etc.

SUPPORT - follow other blogs here & share their blogs in your accounts ( optional)

 *for GIRL IN PINK STILETTOS, click the buttons on the left sidebar*

Thank you so much for participating guys! Keep on blogging!


  1. This is such a great idea, Pham. Where could I share my blog? Sa comment b sis?

    Beauty -

  2. Hello Ms. Eloisa! :)) Thanks for dropping by! yup sa may comment box po :))) 

  3. Hi Pham! Thanks for leaving a message. Here's my beauty blog:

    You can check my other blogs, too. =) Your blog's header is so SEXY! i miss wearing stilettos. 'Been stiletto-free since two years ago, although I sneak wearing them sometimes. =)

  4. This is great Pham!!! Here is my my beauty blog...mostly on Korean cosmetics.

  5. Whoa! I love Korean Cosmetics! ^_^

    Thank u so much for participating! :))

  6. Thanks Ms. Swexie! :)) Sure i'll check 'em out! You can add them here if you want ^_^

    haha! Thanks . it's a girls' must-have. It gives you an additional 'sexiness'.. 

  7. Ms. Eloisa,  Ms. Frenzy and Ms. Swexy, I created a page for WE BLOG. Kindly visit the page and post your BLOG URLs there.  You can also grab a WE BLOG badge ^_^

    Thanks for supporting my campaign! :)

  8. Hi Pham,

    This is a superb idea! I'm one happy soul to participate! ♥

    Here's my URL
    Blog is about Fashion, Beauty plus a touch of random nice things.

    Love lots,
    Kristine of Call.Me.Kristine

    1. Hello Ms. Kristine!

      I'm glad you like this idea. I created a WE BLOG page on the tab menu.
      Help us gain more members. Pls share this page.

      Thank you for supporting this campaign :)


  9. Hi Pham!

    Thank you for noticing me about this :D Here's my
    blog URL:
    Its about beauty and my some random things  :D


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