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24 May 2012

EAZY FASHION: Your One-Stop Wholesale and Retail Fashion Shop

Clothes, shoes & accessories are girls' bestfriends.  We always wanted to look good.. charming.. fabulous! Being stylish is not as easy as one plus one, you need to have a good taste on fabrics, colors and cuts and of course, a good amount of penny (we all know that) but if you can't buy expensive clothes and you're on a tight budget, never worry. Remember girls, Fashion isn't about BRAND, it's about STYLE.

Online shopping becomes more and more popular now and it's great to see that our fellow entrepreneurs are engaging themselves on this kind of business. There are many online stores to choose from but few offers high quality products at affordable prices .. and one of them is Eazy Fashion.

Eazy fashion is a wholesale and retail fashion shop that carries fashion accessories from Asian countries like Korea, Japan and many more.
Eazy Fashion Humble Beginnings
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” - George Bernard Shaw
The need to have an affordable source of fashion accessories that are in pulse with the latest fashion trends around the world is growing. This is the reason why Eazy Fashion was born.The company rolled out its stylish and posh products in an online store in Multiply just in March 15, 2011. Fortunately, the growing demand for Asian accessories more importantly from Korea and Japan triggered the expansion and establishment of its own corporate office.
Today, Eazy Fashion is known as one of the most reliable online suppliers for fashion accessories and apparel and had 
been able to cater more than a thousand of customers online. 

Philosophy & Values
The company’s aim to be an affordable supplier of high-end fashion accessories does not stop at gaining expanding and growing for its own.Eazy Fashion also wishes to help Filipinos start up their own business by allowing them to use the company materials such as the product photos to be posted on their own sites for business opportunities.These people can be listed as the company’s resellers without the need of a capital. Resellers can wait for their own customers to order and pay for the items they want. This way, the company’s resellers can order only the items that are already paid by their sure buyers. Eazy Fashion proves that a good-natured business can be done without even paying for a single centavo.The company indeed not only wants to promote a stylish lifestyle through its products but it also wants to improve the lives of Filipinos by giving them a good source of income. Aside from the aim to be the best online fashion accessory shop in the Philippines, this is also one of Eazy Fashion’s corporate missions. 
The Company’s principles are set to only give the best products and the best deals to its customers.  

Now, let's showcase their wonderful products!

Life Saying in A Bangle. Inscriptions: "Love me, Kiss me, Hug me I'm yours to keep." , "Love, Protection,  Luck, Happiness, Power, Karma" and so much more.

Renaissance Black Dotted Jumpsuit

Queen of the Jungle Earrings

Victorian Jewels Pendant Necklace

Spring Flowers & Peach Pearls Rings

Aside from accessories, they have make-up and shoes as well. If you want to see the rest of their products, please visit their site. Click HERE. and Facebook page too. Click HERE.

Happy Shopping guys!^_^


*info and photo credit: Eazy Fashion


  1. Hello there! I'm glad to know you love them  too! :)) 

  2. I love all of the products especially the bracelets.

  3. I'm glad you liked them! View more of their products on their site :)) lovely & affordable

  4. girls look horny in pink..and this is a very good page for them who wants to be horny sexy classy..about this page i just love it.all in one.. ;)

  5. i don't recommend this shop.they do sell few good items but most are so crappy and doesn't even equate its price.. its like buying expensive junk. if you doubt what i say, go buy and prove me wrong.. i used some hair accessories from them.the one i bought came rolling at the sidewalk as piece of it detached from the tie(Glossy Metal Hair Tie(Gold))price P99..the other one i totally lost it(poor thing)(Button-like Fabric Hair Ponytail (Blue))price P49.. i also bought some earings.. one is so crappy(Crystalline Dangle Earrings)totally way dif from the pic.. price is P108.. bumili nlng sana ako ng silver earings..the other one (Silver Pyramid Stud Earrings)naputol ung pin nya after 3 use lang..(Sparrow Diamond Stud Ring (Gold)) faded after 3 use din..pati ung mga (Matte Nail Polish)ugglly.. evening ko inapply pagkamorning ugly na and chipping of...ugly rin eto (Rocker Ring Set) price P158.. some are in good quality rin like Long Strap Vintage Watch (Light Brown),Blue Elephanteau Necklace,Cloverleaf Gold Necklace (Red) etc. its like gambling so i wont buy taking time sharing this coz im really dissapointed.. lets not patronize scam online shops so that di cla dumami..

  6. I love all the pinky things especially pink heels and Handbag. You can buy all these fashionable things online by just visting at affordable prices.

  7. So, who are some ethical yet affordable retailers of wholesale fashion shoes???

  8. Very informative info about Eazy Fashion Humble Beginnings, i like this services.


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