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24 May 2012

Shy Shop: Your Favorite FAB Shop

Couple Necklaces,Handcrafted Accessories,bags & wallets. Lotions, Colored Necklaces, Fab and cocktail rings.. these are just some products of Shy Shop.  The candy wallet in our giveaway item is from  Shy Shop, cute isn't it? 

For those who aren't familiar with Shy Shop but a fan of online shopping and reselling, Shy Shop is a trusted supplier of quality Marikina made bags and wallets, Bangkok and Korean accessories, as seen on TV items and affordable beauty products for him and for her. Shy Shop is a product of Shai Habon's great passion for online shopping, auction biddings and group buying. Shy Shop started as an online business last May 2010 and will celebrate its 2nd anniversary on May 27! 

Shai decided to resell couple and vintage stuff from a supplier. Later on, as the number of buyers started to rise, Shy Shop broadened its scope by selling items manufactured in Bangkok, Hongkong and Korea. Shy Shop also became known for its durable and stylish bags and wallets which are proudly Marikina made. At present, Shy Shop is handling almost 500 resellers worldwide, managing 3 accounts while gunning to have its first local shop in the country.

Let your eyes crave for more! Here are the latest items from Shy Shop.

Yummy iphone case. Comes in many flavors! 

Adorable passport case with kimmidoll designs. 

 Sweetheart Candy Ribbon Purse. Comes in cute candy colors.

 Sassy Slim Convertible Wallet Bag! It's convertible. You can use it as a sling bag or a clutch bag. The straps are removable. Distict with its candy colod body & straps. The Sassy bag is also the slimmest candy bag ever. Available in mixed colors.

Shy Shop is not just a one stop shop -Shy Shop is your FAB shop! Browse their albums, engage yourself and you’ll surely find the best products in town. 

Looking for more? Visit SHY SHOP's Facebook page.

Happy Shopping guys! ^_^


*Info & Photo credit: Shy Shop

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