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14 May 2012

Girl in Pink Stilettos: Sponsorship & Affiliate Programs

Girl in Pink Stilettos was created on November 21,2011. It's a personal blog about beauty, fashion, events, places and other things that interest its author. This blog is open for product reviews, giveaway/blog sponsors and affiliate programs.


1.  For product reviewsReviews are based on my personal experience and honest opinion.  
     They will be posted as soon as I have finished testing the product.  

     Note: Some products may take more time to review

2. For blog/giveaway sponsors. 

  • Sponsor/s will have a free badge or banner posted in the sidebar.
  • They will also receive a single blog post, written by them, that I will link up to various social networking sites for additional exposure. 
  • Prizes may be in form of products and/or gift certificates.

3. For Affiliate programs. Please send me your proposal via Sponsorship/Affiliation form or email 
    me at

Click here to view Media Kit.

List of Giveaways

Title: Triple Celebration Giveaway
Start Date: May 21,2012
End Date: May 28,2012
Entries: 3403
Sponsors: Shy Shop, Eazy Fashion and Veste Fashion Collection

Title: First Day High: Back to School Giveaway
Start Date: June 07,2012
End Date: June 15,2012
Entries: 3299
Sponsor: Skye Avenue

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