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02 May 2012

Skin Care Routine: The Korean Way

We all know how Korean products most especially the BB cream takes the world by storm. Nowadays, you can see numerous Korean beauty products, Korean boutiques, Korean Online boutiques and of course, Korean themselves roaming around Manila and nearby areas.

When I'm still studying at LPU, I saw lot of Korean students. I dunno if they were exchange students or what. , I can't help but turn head whenever I see them not because they were 'strangers' but because I admire their skin. Swear! I really envy their radiant and flawless skin! and how I wish mine was the same. Honestly, I am intrigued on how they take good care of their skin. So I made a 'lil research and voila! I found a lot! ahaha!

Among the articles I've read, this is the best article I liked. i find it very informative and concise.

This article is from  .

Korean and Japanese women are known to follow a 5-step skin routine.The 5-Step Skin Care Routine is Korean women’s biggest beauty secret to flawless skin. 
Here’s the 5-step routine: 
1. Double cleansing —> 2. Massage & mask —> 3. Tone —> 4. Essence —> 5. MoisturizePhew! Let’s find out in detail what each step is all about. 
1. Double Cleansing 
Thoroughly cleanse your skin with makeup remover and cleanser before going to sleep. Never ever go to sleep with your makeup still on! 
Have you heard of Cleansing Oil? It is a washable oil that is emulsified with water to quickly remove all makeup, grease and dirt. One very famous brand is the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil . It removes all traces of makeup gently yet effectively as well as other types of pore clogging dirt while maintaining skin’s natural sebum levels 
2. Massage & Mask 
Facial massage is the secret to glowing skin. Apply a massage pack or cream and massage your face. You could even use a gentle scrub. It is exercise for your skin. 
A facial massage improves blood circulation and is a great stress reliever!Facial massages also stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to improve the elasticity of your skin. The skin temperature rises, opening pores and pushes out the dirt embedded deep within the skin. Your skin will look visibly fresher, younger and glows after a massage. 
Incorporate a facial massage into your beauty regime at least 2 – 3 times a week for visible results. A word of caution for those with acne or oily skin, massaging will agitate the oil glands and increase oil secretion. So refrain from massaging.

On the days you do not indulge in a facial massage, apply a mask on your face. There are many types of masks out there in stores, but the two that are most important are clarifying mask(deep cleanses the skin) and moisture mask. Facial masks should be applied 1 – 2 times a week, after cleansing and preferably at night.
3. Tone 
Some might think that toners are useless. But toners actually remove dead skin cells and residue from cleansers. Choose a toner that is suitable for your skin type. 
4. Essence/serum 

Essence or serums are very light, liquid concentrated treatments to correct skin problems. Essence is easier absorbed and penetrates deep into your skin, better than regular moisturizers.For best results, wait 5 minutes after applying serums before applying your moisturizer to allow maximum absorption. Because of their concentrated affects, serums are generally more expensive. 

5. Moisturize 
Choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin and use it diligently.I am not one who is blessed with flawless skin, but i have learned that no matter what your skin type, you could make it better by paying extra attention to your skin care routine.

Whoa! It looks too much ,Isn't it? But hey!  Look how beautiful their skin is. I can see just a 'lil difference on their routine and mine. I am not fond of using cleansing oils, I use other make up remover. Also, I can't afford to buy and use serums, they're so expensive. I tried essences before, I saw good results so I guess I'll stick to it. I exfoliate my face using facial scrubs, so I think it's almost the same with facial massage hahaha. (I still massage my face while scrubbing!). I have no issues with facial masks. I use clarifying mask or  moisturizing mask once a week. Toning and moisturizing is on my list.

Aside from the routine mentioned above, here are some tips I read about Korean Skin Care.

Your God given hands is a magical massage tool 
The palms of your hands will cover your eyes perfectly. When your eyes are tired or stressed, just press the palms of your hands to your eye sockets, applying gentle pressure. That itself is a great massage for your eye area. Go ahead, try it! 
Use outward & upwards strokes when washing your face 
When washing your face, do not use vertical up-down strokes which will loosen your facial muscles and promote skin sag. Use outward and upward strokes instead. According to Jin Lee, this small change will make a huge difference. 
Prevent premature aging 
You start aging at 18! It’s never too early to use anti-aging products and taking extra precautions under the sun – which is the number one cause for premature aging, is vital. Never go out under the hot sun without protection. Nowadays, sun protection is included in makeup and LaneĆ­ge’s foundation comes with protection of SPF 22, PA+. 
Use whitening products & lots of it! 
I used to think that whitening products are for those with fair skin who want to become even fairer! Like Snow White. Women in Korea use whitening products to combat skin pigmentation problems due to hormone imbalance especially during pregnancy. Pigmentation is prone to appear below the eyes, on the upper cheeks. To avoid developing huge freckle like marks on your face during pregnancy, use lots of whitening products. 

Now you see, it's not that easy to achieve radiant and beautiful skin. Let's face it, if you really want to have good skin, you need MONEY - a lot of it! Why? because not all  skin care product suits you. It takes a long time for you to find your HG cleanser, toner, moisturizer and others. Aside from that, we know that most of the 'BEST' products are ranging from quite-expensive to super-duper-expensive. I am not sure if you want to try Revive Intensite Volumizing Serum worth P25,000! I'll salute you if you  would. The second thing you must do to achieve a beautiful skin is to be responsible enough to take good care of your own skin. Stop being lazy for Venus' sake! Avoid going to bed with your make up on. Last thing you need is consistency. If you swear to stick with this routine, do it! Never cheat and never use short cuts. Ya'll know what I'm saying.

For those who want  to try this Korean Skin care routine, keep in touch with us okay? Share with us the products you use and of course, your experience!



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  4. The thing about skin care is not the worth of money you have in your pocket but the resourcefulness of looking for a good skin care product. As a Korean, I found Philippines frustrating because of the lack of skin products on the local stores. However as I try to study the available ingredients I was able to make my own regimen out of natural products. Here's some tips: as essence use Myra e vitamin capsule and prick it open. This will last about 2 weeks for me. It helped me a lot to adjust to the climate by reducing my acne.

  5. Hello there Anne! Thanks a lot for dropping by :) A Korean? That's great! So how long have you been [staying] in the Philippines? Hmm, Philippines DO have lots of skin care products but the thing is.. They aren't as visible as others. Let's face it, most of us uses imported products; most esp. those which are KNOWN effective and yep, truly expensive. I've used Myra E before and I admit I'm a loyal consumer. I've tried using those capsules before and yes it is an excellent moisturizer BUT I don't suggest it to those who have oily skin. I' glad Myra E works for you. :)


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