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10 May 2012

My Dark Fairytale

Last Saturday (May 5,2012), me and my sister joined San Pedronians Grand Ball 2012 and here is what I wore to that event.

Black silk petticoat dress c/o my sister
Red Stilettos from Shoe Feet
Maong bag form Guess
Accessories: Rings,bracelet, necklace and earrings

                                    Me and my pretty sister ^_^

Once we got back home, I had some photo shoot and named my album My Dark Fairytale.

I got the red rose from the event. I pinned it on my dress and voila! My dress looks more dramatic.
On the last photo, we used electric fan to make the skirt looks 'puffy'.

My friends told me that goth look suits me. So I am planning to give it a try.  What'ya think guys?



  1. my goshhh, you're superduper prettyyyyy!! :D :D :D and i'm lovin' your dress!

    1. @ sgrmse. Hello there! wow, I'm flattered! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked my dress ^_^


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