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11 May 2012

Sunglasses for Fashion & Protection

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Ni hao! How are you guys?!  Do you still feel the Summer heat? Do you still have plan going out for a picnic? How about swimming or camping? Well, you are free to do anything you want just be EXTRA CAREFUL okay? Speaking of Summer, I am here to blog about  this one summer must-have! It's no other than.. Sunglasses or shades!

We are all aware that sunglasses are an important summer accessory. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive 
part of our body. The skin around our eyes is so delicate so it’s important to protect them - and one way to do this is by wearing a pair of sunglasses.

 Below are the importance of sunglasses.

  •  Sunglasses protects our eyes from the harmful  UV rays. 
  •   It also reduces glares from the sun. 
  •  Sunglasses are a good wind and dust barrier. If you are having an outdoor activity, wear a pair of        sunglasses to protect your eyes from any debris.
  •  Sunglasses are good enough to reduce the amount of light reaching the Retina. Too much light can make our eyes squint and too much squinting can cause headache and eyestrain.  Squint  is a condition where the eyes do not look in the same direction.  'Squint' or 'Squinting' suggests that you half close your eyes when you try to see something. You squint to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your eyes. 

Things to remember in buying sunglasses.

  • Look for a good sunglasses which can protect your eyes from 100% of the sun's UV rays.
  • For better glare protection, you may find sunglasses that use polarized filters or mirror coatings.
All those things mentioned above is considered the primary purpose of sunglasses. Let's face it, you buy sunglasses not just for protection, you also buy them for looks. Before you purchase a pair of sunglasses, you will try it first. If it don't look good on you, you'll find another one. 

Sunglasses are more of an accessory in summertime. We all want to look good while we're on the beach or just simply going outside. We wear them not just for protection, but for fashion as well. Just a reminder, find a pair of sunglasses that make you look good and feel good. 

Enjoy the summer fellas!!! ^_^



  1. Sunglasses is for the protection and as well as use for the fashion. It protect the eyes from the laser from the sun. It looks so great to looking fashionable too.

  2. yeah right! we just have to find one great sunglasses! :)


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