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17 June 2012

Makeup Review Part5: Krave Minerale Moisturizing Lip Shimmer

For the last part of my makeup review, I'll talk about Krave Minerale Moisturizing Lip Shimmer in Chilly Red. This is one product you really have to try!

Photo credit: Krave Minerale

Description: Extremely long wearing and fantastically moisturizing lip shimmers with shea butter, rice-based vitamin E and Red rasp berry oil that provides a natural SPF to maintain your lips’ healthy moisture & suppleness. We offer glosses that are perfect for everyday use. We strictly exclude the use of carmine or dyes and harmful ingredients like Lead, Parabens and other unnatural preservatives.

Plump your pouts without the gooey & gloppy feeling of traditional lip gloss. Our lipgloss comes with a doe foot lipgloss wand for an easy application.

Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Red Raspberry Seed Oil

1. SHEA BUTTER helps heal and moisturize sunburned, dry, or cracking lips. Contain antioxidants such as vitamins E and A, which may help protect the lips from the free radical damage that can make them look prematurely aged, thin, or lined.

2. VITAMIN E (rice-based) paraben free, natural extract that helps to protect dry, scaling and chapping lips with no artificial color or fragrance.

3. RED RASPBERRY SEED OIL act as a broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B shield. It has shown an SPF of between 28 and 50 and thus is a valuable ingredient in natural sunblocks and sunscreens. 

Price: 5 ml lip gloss tube P180
  • BERRY MARTINI= true pink shade with a swirl of purple kiss

  • STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI= red + orange shade with a hint of peach

  • CHILLY RED= dark red color with a copper shade twist  

Ideal Buyer: Anyone who loves lip shimmers ^_^

My Experience: I fell in love with this lip shimmer the very first time I used it. I'm not a lip shimmer-lover but here I am begging for more. haha. The shade is more on the red side, but I'm okay with it. It does a good job moisturizing my lips and its taste is so appealing. Also, the shimmer is good enough to make your lips have its natural sparkle. 

closer look
Overall look


  • Natural look shimmers
  • Never dry out and set in the lips
  • Sweet Chilly taste - which I love the most!
  • Daytime to Nighttime Lip shimmer
  • Moisturizing
  • Great color selection
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Nano particle free

  • So-so staying power
  • Packaging
  • very limited shade selection

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