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09 July 2012

The Beauty Junkee Meet and Greet Part 1

Tadah! After 10 years I'm still alive! ahaha! I'm really sorry guys, I haven't had enough time to update my blog. I've been busy since I arrived here in Milan. Anyways, few days before I left Philippines,  I attended this wonderful event or should I say it's a once-in-a-lifetime event! ^_^

I was lucky to be part of The Beauty Junkee's Meet and Greet! I'm so happy to meet Ms. Martha ( The Beauty Junkee) and Ms. Shen of  Shen's Addiction. I also met a lot of  beauty bloggers and readers as well.

Here's the event programme.

2:30 P.M.- Registration/Bonding with other guests/Picture- taking (venue, buffet, products, with other attendees, etc.)
3:00 P.M.- Start of the event (Short Prayer)
3:00 P.M.- Short Introduction by Martha/Ice Breaker
3:10 PM.- Buffet/Getting-to-know/Chit Chat
3:30 P.M.- Introduction of the Mystery Guest
3:35 P.M.- Day to Night Makeup Workshop by the Mystery Guest
4:00 P.M.- How to Build a Sound Skin Care Regimen by Martha
4:30 P.M.- Open Forum (Ask Martha anything!)
4:40 P.M.- Sponsors Speak (Beauty PRO Cosmetics)
4:45 P.M.- Sponsors Speak (Makeupholics/Cute7Teen)
4:50 P.M.- Sponsors Speak (Sugar and Spice Candy Buffets)
4:55 P.M.- Sponsors Speak (Studio SnR, Nippon Esthetics, Parian Spirit)
5:00 P.M.- Mini raffle by Sugar and Spice Candy Buffets and The Beauty Junkee

and of course, the pics! * It's a shame I forgot to bring my camera!!! Thanks Ms. Carmi for the pictures :))))
Candy Buffet by Sugar and Spice


Day to Night Makeup by Guest Blogger - Ms. Shen


Shine, Me and Jen

Ms. Martha and yours truly

Ms. Shen

Ms. Shen and Keith

Me and Ms. Shen

Ms. Bing

makeup hauls!! *How I wish!*

Ms. Martha

The rest of the gang

Our beloved beauty bloggers

Me and Ms. Bing

Me, Shine, Ms. Carmi and Ms. Apple

This is just the first part, wait for the second part guys!!! ^_^

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