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18 July 2012

Charm Bracelet,Clay Pens and a Giveaway!

Ms. Jazel of J&J Fashion was generous enough to give me this colorful bracelet together with pearl and feather earrings and clay pens.

This bracelet is very cute. It is made up of golden chain with colorful and decorative pendants.  Variety of charms such as umbrella, shoes, smileys and bag , makes the bracelet looks chic and playful. They also complements the bracelet. Also,the spacing of charms is enough to balance its appearance. 

I wore this bracelet at 'The Beauty Junkee Meet and Greet'.

If you want to buy the same bracelet just click here.  

Another cute stuff from J&J Fashion - CLAY PENS! I bet students will love these pens! They are perfect for giveaways in christening, weddings, debut, birthday party, gifts, seminars, or even for your personal desire. 

Aren't they lovely?

What I love about these clay pens:

  • Awesome designs! (really really really CUTE!)
  • Easy to use
  • Black ink (I'm not fond of Blue and Red )
  • Affordable

Here are some of Clay Pen designs:

See more of their designs here. and don't forget to visit their FB page - J&J Fashion!! They offer affordable products like earrings, necklaces, rings and so much moorrrreee.

But wait there's more! Jazel and I have something for you guys and it's a GIVEAWAY! ^_^ Just enter via Rafflecopter. :)

Giveaway runs from August 1, 2012 to August 10, 2012. Winners will be announced here and on my FB page.



  1. nice blog, love the pens! It's so cute!

  2. those are some cute pens!!! <3 yay giveaway can't wait :)


  3. Awesome giveaway! I wish there were Alegria boots for sale included, but this is a great package.

  4. Every charm bracelet tells a story and people use to wear it, as they are very very pretty.

  5. Ettika, yep! It's true. :) Do you own one?


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