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20 July 2012

Must - Try Summer Outfits

" For them, SUN is GOLD." - That's what my aunt always tells me whenever I ask her why Italians love summer. Today is sooo HOT!  It's a good time to go to beaches, roam around Milan, go out-of-town and of course, go Shopping - wee! It's SALDI month!

I find it easier to dress up and play with clothes during summer than in winter,spring and fall. You can wear maxi dresses and/or skirts. If you want, a comfortable tank top and shorts and pair it with wedges or flats. Now, the most-seen outfits are white dresses, floral maxi dresses and pastels.

 Here are some outfits I'd like to try :)

What I love about this outfit is the color combination which is so girly and refreshing.  Its simplicity makes it more beautiful.

Blue and Orange is so good together.. and this outfit proves it. 

 Like what I've said a while ago, Florals are everywhere. Uh.. If I would wear this dress, I'd like to pair it with that hat seen on the image above. I bet they'll look good together :)

Ohhh.. that wonderful floral pants. Pair them with plain tees, add some accessories and voila! You're ready to go!

This one's perfect for summer. You can wear it anywhere - on the beach, on a party, when you go out with your family or friends and when you just want to unwind and spend some time alone. Maxi dress is a statement piece itself so you can just simply add little accessories, but if you want to make it big and bold, go add some statement necklace, bangles and  earrings.

How I love summer..well, not really 'coz I hate how Sun makes my skin darker. Hahaha. But still, I prefer dressing up during summer than any other season. I hope I'll be able to wear one of those outfits this month. :)





  1. Call.Me.KristineJuly 21, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    Hi Pham! :) I like this post and the new look of your blog! ♥ Wee! Missing you biggie time!

  2. I am see your blog nice post thanks for your shareing.

  3. Hi there Ms. Mariya! I'm glad you liked my blog post. Thanks a lot for dropping by :))

  4. LharraCroft de GuzmanAugust 5, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    It's good you didn't include your ugly face!


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